The Mystery That Is Universe



The origin of universe is still a contentious subject. From a tiny neutrino to a gigantic galaxy, its growth was complex. Hence its genesis was subjected to varied interpretations by nomads as well as wise men. Their reflections were crystallised into kaleidoscopic images in the annals of time and we mirror a few for our deliberation.


‘Who am I’ is a question that haunted man and resonated throughout his life. Questions like ‘Where do we come from’ and ‘Wither are we bound’ remained echoic in every dialogue.Maternity or paternity of the universe was the prime concern.


With a total disgust Omar Khayyam pens the existential melancholy beneath:


“And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky,

Whereunder crawling coop'd we live and die,

Lift not thy hands to it for help -- for It

Rolls impotently rolls as you and I.”


‘Atomos’ are wafting, colliding and weaving the cosmos as a vast machine, fortuitously constructed and acting without a legislator. The former view is getting strengthened here also. But invisibility of a ruler cannot be construed as absence of ruler. Like vacuum rule in Physics, there is something called microcosm vibrating in it as unknown neurons which finally sculpt the cosmological physique.


Intending to showcase the mankind’s inability to comprehend cosmos, a Persian poet has logically presented it in his poem as ‘Universe is an old manuscript which has lost its first and last pages’.


However, here an Indian Rishi approaches the concept in a meaningful way. To his disciple’s query whether “cosmos is a creation”, Rishy’s reply was :”No, Cosmos is not a creation but a projection”. With a Socretenian  wisdom we are inclined to ask “Projections from where?” Now the pertinent question leads us towards a scientific truth, the soul of which lies in a scientific seed called ‘singularity’.


‘Singularity’ is presumed to be a point where the volume is zero whereas its mass will be infinite. It is from this point that universe gets projected and visualized as ‘Big Bang’ or ‘Big Bounce’ which as two differing scientific preceptions. Both proliferate and emerge as universe. In the ‘Big Bang’ it emerges from the same point and continues to expand. Whereas in ‘Big Bounce’ it springs up from different points like a ball that bounces and lands. Universe appears and disappears in a cyclic manner at different intervals is its modus operandi.


A hypothetical opposite of the ‘Big Bang’ theory is the ‘Big Crunch’ supposed to occur after billions and trillions of years. ‘Big Freeze’, ‘Big Chill’ or ‘Big Rip’ (torn apart) are the other speculative terms attributed to its physical disappearance or death. In its final stages a contraction of the universe happens and results in a state of extremely high density  and temperature. Metric expansion of space eventually reveres and universe recollapses ultimately causing the cosmic scale factor to reach zero or causing a reformation of the universe starting with another Big Bang.


The ’Big Bang’ and  ‘Big Crunch’ are the two pages that we are trying to glue together to our old manuscript. Now we are stepped into a metaphysical terrain. Meta Physics or Meta ta Physika means the (works) after physics. A philosophy that treats of the first principle or the ultimate nature of existence, reality and experience especially as developed in self contained conceptual systems. From this angle, Big Bang and Big Crunch are mystically conceptualized as inhalation and exhalation of the invisible.


Dreams’ workouts are always in a hermetically sealed existence. A lot of scientific intuitions have been seen emanating from this state. For gluing the pages that are flown away what are the other possibilities? Let us try a dream travel back in times. Can a space ship made of positrons (anti particle of electrons, which travels back in time) help us in doing so? ’Time Machine’ of H.G.Wells is made of what? Whether Sudarsan Chandy’s ‘Tachyons’ (a hypothetical particle which transcends light barrier and reaches before it starts) will enable us to dash through the traversable warm holes?


John Wheeler has proposed that there is only one electron in the universe and others are all mere reflections. Fennyman ran with this idea and bagged the Nobel Prize. So one electron piggy backs an entire universe with it. It is also bundled with a sum of history and traverses uncertain paths. Universe is thus a ballooned electron destined to travel to a destination unknown. When the balloon reaches the desired inter-stellar slot, what is left is either to knock at the doors of the traversable warm hole and wait for a welcome nod or by a cosmological osmosis it may even seep through the supramolecular virgin walls of the entry gate of the other universe. This is the inflection point for serenading and later on for spawning a new inter-stellar life and culture. Other universes lying millions and trillions of light years away will witness a quantum evaporation that gushes up like loops of smoke from the event horizon forming it as a fire pit around which an alliance gets solemnized or viewed as an instant communicating hub of smoke rolls used once in prairies by the aboriginals who tried to communicate with each other.  The other watching galaxies will get inspired by the unique rendezvous and wait for breeding a cross culture with the approaching civilization. And thus cosmic communes will mushroom slowly in the inter galactic space.


When we aim our eyes towards the galaxies, some say it is voyeurism, just as a Peeping Tom who breaks the privacy laws. Nuptial or other way-round-companionships are knots in the long human chains. It is the work of Eros forcing us to levitate towards a subliminal biological urge. The deeper or larger the urge lurking beneath our sub-conscious mind (collective consciousness at the thematic level) is for the companionship of a higher order which goes beyond the milky way boundaries and this enduring desire will be blinking in us till we hug the so called extra-terrestrial remaining lathe biosas in the cosmological womb. Our probes are directed towards the epicenter of cosmic signals emanating from far away distances. These are heart beats of cosmos. Like a bat, we move on.


Are we being nurtured in the petri dish of the Milky Way as a Lyka or a guinea pig rotated to reach a destination watched and monitored by a super intelligent alien peeping through the worm hole, just as we sit and monitor our satellites and Cosmonauts from the control stations of NASA or ISRO? Are we getting trapped in the human trafficking as mere slaves to their robotics? Or else we may be ending up as Frankenstein forever? Is it for a forced conversion that we are being dragged and coerced to kiss and marry ‘Andromeda’ our neighbouring queen or the distant blonde ‘Vega’? Time is the test.


Every particle has an anti particle – a needed pair for co-existence and progeny. If we extend this logic to humanity as a whole, there should have been our mirror images somewhere in the universe, hidden, un-explored and un-noticed. Humanity cannot rest alone in this Cosmos. Birds migrate, insects fly to a source of light and human beings search for their mirror images in the ever expanding Cosmos. Like sperms hunt for the egg in the womb, manned missions hunt for the knowledge egg’s fructification in the womb of the universe.


It is always said that there is only one movement and one destination for the mankind. Duality myth of the Almighty God might have been erased completely by Monism and it is maintained strangely to be so, till date. But in this binary world, the inscrutable Great Force whether actually is in fragments or appear to be so, creating Maya before our eyes as weak, strong and electro-magnetic forces with its gravitational pull and push modes. We may either be drawing towards a total annihilation or to a total transformation. Whatever may be the drama, let us enact it boldly and wait for a greater and unique metamorphosis to take place.


Though the circadian rhythm of our fragmented world are bound under the frame work of space time continuum, from the universal strings of cocoons created after the rendezvous we will be able to fly out as angels or emerge as God in a state of bliss. Here we may cite the Hindu concept of Lord Shiva or Artha Nareeswara. Concurring to Karl Jung’s philosophy which states that a slice of woman is always there in a man and vice versa in varying degrees. This rosy picture we may have to passionately dream and it will blossom sooner or later at our behest.


Imagine as if we conquer Hell, Heaven and Purgatory, then, there, if we were able to meet Picasso, Rembrandt and Hussains we will surely be entrusting them to draw this rosy picture as an eternal souvenir for the mankind.



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