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Are you a bibliophile, logophile, budding writer or an avid learner?  Are you keeping up with the current trends that are happening in the internet which will help you to learn and read better? There are a lot of things to help you learn like certain blogs and bloggers who write about books to YouTube which is an amazing platform to help you learn and read better. Starting from book tube to study tube to various channels that focus on making learning better, the list is endless. Even a huge social media platform like instagram can be used for learning. How many of you are familiar with Bookstagram? There are so many apps that will help you to learn and read better. The list is never-ending and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming.

In the present scenario everybody has access to the internet, access to mobile phones. Everything is available on our finger tips. We are obviously tapping our lives away. Internet and YouTubeare mostly accessed by youngsters and adults alike as a means of entertainment. In that process shouldn’t we learn something? If you are a student shouldn’t you use the internet wisely to learn and to teach others? There are a lot of apps to even keep your productivity in check or at high ebb.  There a lot of Blogs, Videos and apps that will help you learn better.


You might spend hours watching Standup Comedy and Prank videos on YouTube but how can you use YouTube to learn effectively? There are some real and genuine people spreading knowledge on YouTube. Starting from channels started by College students to extremely proficient professors, there are a lot of people with various channels that would help you in a lot of ways.

Study with Jess is a YouTube channel that has 420k subscribers and the channel is still growing. In her videos, she gives tips on how to better organize time or how to beat procrastination, how to learn a foreign language, or how to process information faster. There are some other Vloggers like Ana Mascara, Jane and Jady, Clarrissa and College info Geek. If you want to see realistic and long ‘Study With Me’ videos, Ruby Granger with 335k subscribers can help. UnJaded Jade with 319 k subscribers is an English Vlogger who discusses academics and self-confidence. If you are somebody who is looking for a dose of entertainment or comical element while learning, Jack Edwards with 124 k subscribers, a 20 year old college student who is majoring in English Literature at Durham University would be perfect for you.

 If you are looking for short and crisp book reviews, reviews on monthly book subscription boxes, cute bookish Merchandise and goodies, book tube would be just perfect for you. Helly (Saheli Chaterjee) is an Indian book-tuber who is pursuing her graduation currently.  She likes book reading and reviewing! Her mission is to make everyone a reader. So, her videos mostly include book reviews as well as tips for beginner readers on various genres. She has 156k subscribers on YouTube.  There are other Book Tube channels like ‘Books on toast’ with 34k subscribers and Indian book tuber with 30k subscribers. Ariel Bisett, Emma books, A Clock work reader are some other popular Book Tube channels. TED Ed, Crash course, Minute Physics, wise crack, Studyign, and Tibees are some other popular informative YouTube channels.

However there is a flip side to it;Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said that on the one hand, youngsters should be congratulated for “being innovative and using technology for something constructive”. He further added that children must be “protected” from “setting themselves unattainable goals” after watching “study tubers” post videos of themselves revising for hours on end.  Moreover he said that, “Mental health is such an issue for young people. People present themselves in a way that is unattainable,”. Even book tube promotes consumerism and you will end up buying more books than you actually need.



There are a lot of communities on Facebook and Instagram that would support you to read and learn. Known by literary lovers as "bookstagram," by tapping the right hash tags, you can end up in a never-ending, magical land where bookworms post the perfect shots of their favorite stories and latest novel recommendations.

Elizabeth Sagan's has a Bookstagram account and her feed is filled with out-of-this-world imagery, all created with the help of a few hardbacks. From a unicorn to a Christmas tree and a rainbow, her photos transport you to another world—just like any good story could (@elizabeth_sagan). A part of one of the biggest publishing houses in the world, Penguin Random House has near-daily updates of the latest books added to their impressive lineup (@penguinrandomhouse).  Moreover, The independent San Francisco book publisher, Chronicle Books, consistently posts lively and colorful photos that always manage to brighten your day—and they're not always of books; sometimes they'll come with a side of toast and puppies (@ChronicleBooks). ‘Book book owl’ from Australia also posts aesthetic pictures on Instagram (@bookbookowl). Bookstagram would introduce you to a ton of books you wouldn’t have heard of before.You can meet so many people – it’s one of the easiest platforms to make friends on.Most will find their photography skills improve. Bookstagram will introduce you to a ton of books you wouldn’t have heard of before. Even Facebook has a lot of communities that conduct 24 hour Readathons and other Reading challenges. The members of these communities are mostly warm and friendly.

If you really want to set up a Bookstagram account, you should know that it can be time-consuming. Sometimes it can make you feel down if a post doesn’t reach a certain number of likes etc. Again, you have to prepare yourself for deep conversations and topics which can be overwhelming at times.


There are apps for revising the lessons as well as for learning. Firstly let’s take a look at certain apps that will help you revise.  There is this app called Google keep which will help you to keep reminders and checklists. If you want to prepare flash cards while studying there is an app called ‘Chegg Flashcards’. Quizlet applets you create quizzes with your own information. There are also 400million quizzes already available across a wide range or areas.

There are other apps like Kahoot, Google Classroom, Teach Learn Lead, Khan Academy, TED and Goodreads.

How productive can you be after using the Internet to learn? It all comes down to the person who is using it. One of the most frequent critiques of using education technology is that it lends itself to distraction from other lessons. Many students are savvy computer users and find ways to use their school tablets or notebook computers to surf the web or play unrelated games.Most education apps are designed for individual use. Instead of interacting with a peer or teacher, kids become absorbed with the activities on their computer. The lack of in-person communication is a problem that appears to be increasing with younger generations.

Your computer, tablet, or smartphone has the potential to unleash a wealth of information. If you know what to look for, you have access to an unlimited number of learning resources. If used responsibly, the Internet can be a powerful tool to expand your knowledge.


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