We are in a world where we have all the information about anything and everything at our fingertips. Many eminent scientists have the prophetic ability to predict the future world and many have the ability to foresee amazing ideas that will reshape our future. And technological advancement has emerged as a boon and many people have come out of their narrow mindedness and blind belief in superstitions.

There are very less people who still believe in psychics or soothsayers and even today people still believe in Nostradamus. Who is he? Michel de Nostredame an astrologer, physician, and a soothsayer is extremely famous even today for his prophecies and predictions. Did he really write prophecies that are hundred percent accurate or did he just vaguely predict the future? We know that there is clearly a difference between prophecies and predictions. It’s been 500 years since he died and still is he the king of predictions? Are his predictions like a blank piece of paper that is its super indefinite and imprecise that they can mean anything and everything that you want them to mean?

Nostradamus was born  in France in 1503. His family converted into Catholicism before he was born. He worked as an apothecary for several years before entering the University of Montpellier, but he was almost expelled after his work as an apothecary was discovered. Even though he used to practice medicine how his first wife and children died of plague is still a mystery. There were many people in the society who criticized him asking cynically if he couldn’t save his wife and two children. He published a book titled “le propheties”. He was credited with predicting numerous significant events from the French revolution to the terrorist attack on the world trade center which happened on September 11, 2001.  It’s 2019 and will you believe that a lot of people still believe in them and interestingly every year around New Year’s Eve new theories and prophesies connected with Nostradamus and his predictions are released by various psychic experts?  People flock in with a lot of expectation and curiosity to read them. Now let’s dive deep into some of his interesting predictions.

Nostradamus predicted the French revolution. The French revolution marked a period of violence and bloodshed in the history of France.


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